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The Geometry of Differences

An Interview with Barbara Cassin

Published eleven years ago, the Vocabulaire européen des philosophies, also known as the Dictionnaire des intraduisibles, was translated into English in 2014. Barbara Cassin discusses the aim of this project, and how the book is being given a new lease of life thanks to translations in various languages.

A French philosopher and philologist, Barbara Cassin has edited Vocabulaire européen des philosophies. Dictionnaire des intraduisibles. This decade-long project involved hundreds of academics who traced the semantic evolution of philosophical concepts within various languages and contexts. It was met with great success when it was first published in 2004. Eleven years on, the book is being translated into many languages, and its first English édition was published in 2014 in the United States under the title Dictionary of Unstranslatables. A Philosophical Lexicon (edited Emily Apter, Jacques Lezra & Michael Wood).

Barbara Cassin (in english) par laviedesidees

Filming and editing : A. Suhamy

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