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Fukushima: The Unremitting Disaster

An Interview with Paul Jobin, sociologist

Paul Jobin, who has been monitoring workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant, provides an analysis of the Japanese government’s denial of the health implications for these workers and, more broadly, the long-term effects of the disaster. This censorship is, however, being challenged by the social mobilization that has followed, particularly on the Internet.

Paul Jobin is an assistant professor at the Université Paris Diderot and leads the Taiwan branch of the French Center for the Study of Contemporary China (Centre d’Études Français sur la Chine contemporaine). He has written Maladies industrielles et renouveau syndical au Japon [Industrial Sicknesses and the Revival of Japanese Unions] (Editions EHESS, 2006) et co-edited Santé au travail, Approches critiques [Health in the Workplace, Critical Assessments] (La Découverte, 2012). Since the 2011 disaster, he has pursued a research started 10 years ago with the workers of the nuclear plant of Fukushima Daiichi, looking specifically at the social mobilizations that take the Japanese government to task for its denial of industrial sicknesses there.

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Video shot and edited by David Bornstein.

Subtitling by Ariel Suhamy.

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by David Bornstein & Bernard Thomann , 13 April 2012

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