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Ethnography of Everyday Racism

An Interview with Elijah Anderson

by Linda Haapajärvi & Rébecca Ndour , 1 November 2013
translated by Kate McNaughton

Translated with the support of The Florence Gould Foundation

Elijah Anderson focuses on the black ghetto as a major source of racial stereotypes and discrimination, and explains how it operates within the framework of changing race relations.

Elijah Anderson is an American sociologist, specialized in urban ethnography and teaching at Yale University. He is the author of “The Iconic Ghetto” (The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 2012) and The Cosmopolitan Canopy. Race and Civility in Everyday Life (Norton Books, 2011), both reviewed on La Vie des Idées & Book&Ideas : Stéphane Tonnelat, Hopeful Sociology, How to Become Cosmopolitan in Urban Public Space, December 6th 2011 & Linda Haapajärvi, Rébecca Ndour, De l’Afrique imaginaire à la banlieue emblématique, July 3rd 2013.

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Linda Haapajärvi & Rébecca Ndour, « Ethnography of Everyday Racism. An Interview with Elijah Anderson », Books and Ideas , 1 November 2013. ISSN : 2105-3030. URL :

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by Linda Haapajärvi & Rébecca Ndour , 1 November 2013

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